Gold News: 9 October, 2020

Gold Price: $1,909.45. Forecasts: how gold prices could exceed $10,000. News: The bullish case for gold, 2020 ETF inflows set new record, Venezuela gold update, Kalgoorlie gold nugget.

Gold and gold-backed cryptocurrency news for the week ending 9 October, 2020.

Gold Price (USD/OZ)

9 October 2020: $1,909.45 [View live gold price.]

Change from last week: $0.12 (0.006%)

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Gold News

Gold plunge: normal and healthy - [BullionVault]

Gold forecast – how gold prices could exceed $10,000 - [FX Empire]

This driver could 'propel' gold price back to its new all-time highs - Bloomberg Intelligence - [Kitco]

Gold plummets after Trump announces intention to pass on fiscal stimulus bill - [FX Street]

Gold could rise by 30% over the next year - [Seeking Alpha]

Gold price: 2020 ETF inflows set new record - [Mining]

Maduro wins chance of new ruling over billions in gold held in U.K. - [NY Times]

“President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela has been trying since 2018 to gain access to bullion deposited at the Bank of England, running into a dispute over whether Britain considers him the country’s leader.”

Billions in bullion shifted ahead of Dutch bank rebuild - [ABC News]

“The Netherlands’ central bank has moved its Dutch-based stock of gold from its headquarters in Amsterdam to a safe in the nearby city of Haarlem.”

Gold mining stocks are a buy ahead of the U.S. election, strategist says - [CNBC]

The increasingly bullish case for gold - [Oilprice]

Australian gold miners merge to create $16b giant - [The Sydney Morning Herald]

Prospector in Kalgoorlie finds rare gold nugget that could fetch up to $30,000 - [7News]

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency News

News related to gold-backed cryptocurrencies:

Aurus disrupts the gold industry – today its ecosystem lists at a value of $75m - [Bitcoin]

Why gold-backed crypto makes a better stablecoin in a recession - [CryptoDaily]

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