Gold News: 3 September 2021

Gold Price: $1,815.03. News: Gold is in a discounted bull market, and not only “crazy” people are adding to their gold holdings.

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Gold Price (USD/OZ)

3 September 2021: $1,815.03 [View live gold price.]

Change from last week: $18.76 (1.04%)

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Gold News

Not only “crazy” people are adding to their gold holdings!

Gold is in a discounted bull market - Bloomberg Intelligence

Opinion: Why some lucky investors are likely to be as good as gold in September

“The best month of the year for the yellow metal is coming up.”

Mobius says hold 10% in gold as currencies will be devalued

“Devaluations are ‘going to be quite significant next year’.”

Why are gold prices down despite a good time for gold investments?

The price of gold is already +$2,000 an ounce

Afghanistan is sitting on a gold mine. Literally.

Alinani Precious Metals to put up mega gold plant in Kenya

“The plant will be the biggest in East and Central Africa.”

Chinese gold demand from millennials picks up

A long wait for Scottish gold ‘but it will be worth it’

“A traceable supply chain from the Cononish mine may command a premium, but the native metal is in high demand.”

The Texas Bullion Depository, sold as a gold mine for taxpayers, could end up costing millions

Dubai restaurant launches 'world's first' gold Vada Pav

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Is China looking to launch gold-backed crypto? Max Keiser thinks so

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