Gold News: 25 June 2021

Gold Price: $1,781.99. News: China gold reserves, Indonesia wants its own bullion bank, gold buildings around the world, and more gold news.

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Gold Price (USD/OZ)

25 June 2021: $1781.99 [View live gold price.]

Change from last week: -$7.64 (-0.43%)

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Gold loans can be repaid with gold

“The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has allowed banks to recover part of gold metal loan advances in physical gold.”

Black market bullion is in crosshairs of Bolivian lawmakers

“Bolivian lawmakers are debating a bill that would require all gold produced in the country to be offered to the central bank as the nation builds its reserves and cracks down on the illegal bullion trade.”

Bank of Ghana launches local gold-buying programme

Indonesia, home to giant gold mine, wants its own bullion bank

Metal detectorist unearths rare gold coins from Black Death period

Five caught with 5kg gold at Kochi airport

Congo seizes gold worth $1.9 million in Okapi wildlife reserve

Affidavit: FBI feared Pennsylvania would seize fabled gold

15 gold buildings that really exist around the world

Born in Dubai, living his father’s dream: Anil Dhanak’s Kanz Jewels is a three generation success story made in the UAE

“Anil Dhanak of Kanz Jewels pursued his father's dreams and became a Dubai success story.”

Earn Interest On Gold

How to earn interest on gold and get up to $250 sign-up bonus

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency News

News related to gold-backed cryptocurrencies:

Looking to invest in cryptocurrency? Why you should consider Digigold, the Royal Mint’s new offering

“Digigold is the Royal Mint’s digital gold offering, and crucially, it is backed by actual gold. This marks it apart from Bitcoin et al.”

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