Gold News: 19 March 2021

Gold Price: $1,741.02. Prediction: $3,000. News: Central-bank gold buying in 2021, why gold rallied after the Fed news, what’s next for gold?

Gold and gold-backed cryptocurrency news for the week ending 19 March 2021.

Gold Price (USD/OZ)

19 March 2021: $1,741.02 [View live gold price.]

Change from last week: $27.88 (1.63%)

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Gold News

Central-bank gold buying 'moderate' but 'highly symbolic' in 2021

3 reasons why inflation will rise and support gold prices

Why gold rallied after the Fed news

Could Biden's first major tax hike in 30 years boost gold price?

Gold finds more takers as prices dip

ETF gold demand soars while consumer demand slows

VanEck sees gold price falling to $1,600 before it rallies to $3,000

What’s next for gold?

Swiss refiner says it can verify gold's origin to combat illegal supply

Military to blast close 29 illegal gold mines in Da Nang

Ganja and gold smugglers seek a turnaround post-lockdown

Kieu Ky village gold lamination inscribed as national heritage

Earn Interest On Gold

How to earn interest on gold (5% APY) and get up to $250 sign-up bonus

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency News

News related to gold-backed cryptocurrencies:

Torian invests in gold-backed cryptocurrency developer

“Gold explorer Torian Resources has agreed to invest US$1 million in BullionFX, a blockchain company developing a gold-backed cryptocurrency.”

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