Gold News: 18 December 2020

Gold Price: $1,880.08. Forecasts: $2,100 in 2021. News: Gold price rises as Fed vows zero rates, what makes the 2021 gold market different from 2013, will gold skyrocket in 2021?

Gold and gold-backed cryptocurrency news for the week ending 18 December 2020.

Gold Price (USD/OZ)

18 December 2020: $1,880.08 [View live gold price.]

Change from last week: $47.52 (2.59%)

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Gold News

Gold price rises as Fed vows zero rates to 2024, asset managers welcome 'any stimulus' as covid lockdowns spread

ABN AMRO says gold price can push to $2,100 next year but rally is not without risks

Will gold prices skyrocket in 2021? What to watch for

This is what makes the 2021 gold market different from 2013 - State Street Global Advisors

In rare move, Japan sells gold to fill budget hole

Goldman says Bitcoin’s surging popularity won’t harm gold

Gold has surged during the pandemic, but what does 2021 look like?

10 best gold stocks to buy now according to billionaire hedge fund

How would the American economy have fared under a gold standard?

Berlin police raid homes and shops over theft of 100kg gold coin

Vietnam authorizes online gold trading

Treasure hunter Tommy Thompson marks five years in jail over missing SS Central America coins

Treasure washes up on Venezuela’s shore, bringing gold and hope to a village

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency News

News related to gold-backed cryptocurrencies.

Broctagon and Elite Consulting Group launch world’s first government-recognised gold-backed token

Metex Exchange: A new and more stable way to trade in precious metals globally [Press Release]

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