Gold News: 15 Jan 2021 - How to earn interest on gold and get up to $250 sign-up bonus

Gold Price: $1,851.90. Forecasts: $3,400. Post: Earn interest on gold. News: Don't dismiss gold, Russia now holds more gold than U.S. dollars, and the gold price should hyperinflation kick in.

Gold and gold-backed cryptocurrency news for the week ending 15 January 2021.

Gold Price (USD/OZ)

15 January 2021: $1,851.90 [View live gold price.]

Change from last week: -$36.98 (-1.96%)

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How to earn interest on gold (5% APY) and get up to $250 sign-up bonus

Learn how to earn interest (paid monthly) on gold-backed cryptocurrency, and find out how to get up to $250 as a sign-up bonus.

Gold News

Gold's big year: a look back

“Gold increased more than 25% in 2020, its best year in a decade, writes Frank Holmes at US Global Investors.”

Gold’s failure to hold gains this week, indicates that the trend will remain bearish

Has gold euphoria gone too far?

Don't dismiss gold and silver...

Gold and silver are getting ready to explode

Russia for first time holds more gold than U.S. dollars in $583 billion reserves

[GoldCore TV] Gold & silver charts point to higher prices – Chris Vermeulen

This is the gold price should hyperinflation kick in - VanEck's Joe Foster

“Foster said that gold’s target price over the next two to three years is $3,400.”

How much gold lies beneath these historic mines? Great Northern is about to find out

“Great Northern Minerals (ASX:GNM) is intent on developing a new gold camp in North Queensland.”

Inside India’s digital gold rush

“When Covid-19 cratered the country's economy, Indians turned to digital gold loans for easy cash.”

Stash of late medieval gold coins discovered on a farm in Hungary

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency News

News related to gold-backed cryptocurrencies.

Paxos makes fresh push for DeFi market with new Oracle integration

“Paxos’ stablecoin tokens have mainly been playing catch-up since the DeFi spike in 2020.”

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