Gold News: 11 September, 2020

Gold Price: $1945.51. Forecasts: $2,300 to $5,000. News: US unemployment benefits and gold, why gold could stay high, gold continues to glitter for investors, and gold cappuccino.

Gold and gold-backed cryptocurrency news for the week ending 11 September, 2020.

Gold Price (USD/OZ)

11 September 2020: $1945.51 [View live gold price.]

Change from last week: $11.51 (0.60%)

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Gold News

What is the correlation between US unemployment benefits and gold? - [Vaultoro]

Gold to surge towards $2300 as physical demand revives – ANZ - [FX Street]

Gold could be heading to $5,000 - [Oil Price]

Gold continues to glitter for investors, thanks to the Fed’s policy change and US-China geopolitical tensions - [SCMP]

A scenario to end gold's bull run looks increasingly unlikely - Invesco - [Kitco]

Why gold prices could stay high - [Barron’s]

Gold prices zig zag as US election looms - [Australian Mining]

With gold prices soaring, Hong Kong customs busts attempt to smuggle HK$10 million in bars from mainland China - [SCMP]

4 penny stocks to watch in September 2020 if you like gold - [Penny Stocks]

Central bank will allow gold trading in dollars - [Bangkok Post]

Bitcoin’s correlation with gold hits record high - [coindesk]

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September 9, 2020

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency News

News related to gold-backed cryptocurrencies:

Digital asset security firm NGRAVE to help secure gold backed stablecoin from VeraOne - [Crowdfund Insider]

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