Gold News: 10 September 2021

Gold Price: $1,793.41 News: Gold to edge higher towards $1900 (ANZ), gold inverted head-n-shoulders suggests $2000+ is next upside target.

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Gold Price (USD/OZ)

10 September 2021: $1,793.41 [View live gold price.]

Change from last week: -$21.62 (-1.19%)

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Gold News

Mobius backs the 10% golden rule

“Mark Mobius, the legendary emerging-markets investor, says that 10% of investors' portfolios should be in gold”.

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD to edge higher towards $1900 – ANZ

Gold inverted head-n-shoulders suggests $2000+ is next upside target

Own gold with reason into S&P crash season

““Has the S&P crashed yet?” Such query has been woven into a bevy of recent editions of The Gold Update. As penned two missives back: “The stock market crash really is coming; we just don’t know when”: nobody does.”

Gold prices: Yellow metal to hedge against inflation, volatility; these key factors to drive prices

India's gold imports rocket higher

Australia in the gold medal position for producing the precious metal, knocking China from top spot

Venezuela central bank gold reserves fall as Maduro seeks cash

Trove of 239 rare gold coins discovered in walls of French mansion

“Renovators discovered a hidden box and pouch stuffed with rare gold coins, minted during the reigns of French Kings Louis XIII and Louis XIV.”

1,500-year-old gold treasure trove found by Danish man with metal detector

The City of Gold and Deira Gold Souq: Why gold shoppers love buying jewellery from Dubai

1.5kg gold seized at Cochin airport

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency News

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AgaBullion launches gold-backed crypto in Turkey

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