Gold News: 19 November 2021

Gold Price: $1,861.45 News: Gold analysts say $1,900 is in sight.

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Gold Price (USD/OZ)

19 November 2021: $1,861.45 [View live gold price.]

Change from last week: $10.20 (0.55%)

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Gold News

Gold analysts say $1,900 is in sight

Gold bugs set to take $1,900 once again

Gold will get back to $2,000 in next few months: Dugan

Watch this change in gold price narrative as it's still a cheap inflation hedge compared to crypto – MKS PAMP GROUP

Mark Mobius says pile 10% into gold, and calls China crackdowns ‘a good thing’

“'The idea of gold is that it is emergency money,' says the veteran investor and founder of Mobius Capital Partners, as he mulls inflation risks.”

UAE introduces special standard for bullion

Dubai says gold-trading allegations are ‘lies’ and ‘attacks’

Gold market little impacted by Basel 3, bank regulator says (1)

‘The size of a child’s head’: Alaska’s largest ever gold nugget is going to auction

Bullion exchange to solidify India’s image as a gold trading hub: GJEPC [Press Release]

Chart: How much gold is in the world?

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency News

News related to gold-backed cryptocurrencies.

GoldPesa launches a gold-backed token with upside [Press Release]

“GoldPesa is launching a gold-backed token which trades at a premium and safely generates wealth for token holders. Each GoldPesa token ("GPX") is backed by 1 gram of gold stored in a secure vault while not being a stable coin.”

The dark clouds over digital gold

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